I went in to get a bamboo massage, which would be my first of this type of massage. There’s an area by the door where you change out of your shoes and into comfy sandals. This is excellent in the winter because of the slush and snow, but it’s great to keeping the facility clean, as well as being able to start to get into relaxation mode right away.

I was taken on a tour of the facility and there are so many more things I want to go back and try.
I was given a private locker that had a robe in it and was able to put all my clothes and belongings in there, then lock it up and take the key with me.
There was nice, relaxing music you could hear, no matter where in the building you were.
Chrissi did my massage and she was very personable and made me feel comfortable!
Probably one of my favorite things is the heating pad they have on the massage bed to keep you warm during the massage. Everyone I encountered was pleasant.
I can’t wait to go back!